“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing wrong until you get it right.” – Dean C.[1]

This quote is listed for the May 31st daily reading under the heading of Patience . At first glance it may not seem to be well chosen, however, how can we have perseverance without patience? Impatience tells us, “Don’t bother! You didn’t get it right the first time, so forget it!” Then, when perfectionism rears its ugly head, “It isn’t perfect this time, so it’ll never be perfect!” Thoughts like this when allowed to rule us can send us off in a spiral of negativism. This is just where the ego or egoic mind wants us. The egoic mind is the opposite of our divine minds or higher selves. It’s main function is to prove to us that we can’t do it (whatever it is). That it’s not worth doing, let alone persevering until we get it right.

What are some examples of a time when you persisted in spite of the negative chatter?

[1] Laugh! I Thought I’d Die (If I Didn’t), by Anne Wilson Schaef, p. May 31. Ballantine Books, NY, 1990.


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Hello, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice since 1999. I have served hundreds of adults with general mental health, addiction, and spirituality concerns. I am the creator of Celestial Psychology, which incorporates energy medicine specifically, Reiki, Reconnective and Quantum Healing Techniques, and Tachyon Energy Healing into conventional talk therapy. The two books I completed for Celestial Psychology are available on Amazon My main site is also a WP site, Looking forward to getting to know you.
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