Celestial Psychology® 12 Principles


Twelve Principles for Celestial Psychology®

  1. Human beings are spiritual/energetic, multidimensional beings inhabiting physical bodies—by choice.
  2. The physical bodies of spiritual/human beings are biologically encoded to upgrade into quantum states of infinite cooperation, empathy, compassion, and illumination.
  3. Human beings improve and heal themselves—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with consciousness-raising activities, termed “Holy Work.”
  4. Holy Work combines standard psychological theoretical frameworks and state-of-the-art holistic and non-denominational/non-traditional spiritual practices.
  5. Holy Work produces positive behavior changes and generates quantum leaps into self-actualization, manifestation, materialization, liberation, psychic powers, miracles, luminosity, and Oneness.
  6. Human beings have the free will to choose between love and fear—or ego and essence.
  7. Spiritual/human beings are made of energy and can manipulate matter with intention and thought, making it possible to transform themselves into luminous states for multidimensional quantum healing and living.
  8. Human beings affect one another and the Universe via an energy field known as Zero Point Energy, the divine matrix, or the quantum field of infinite possibilities.
  9. The evolutionary impulse drives Homo sapiens to evolve into new species, one of which is Homo-luminous beings.
  10. The trajectory of evolution is an upward spiral, assembling a new Genus of spiritual/human beings—Supraconscious Creators.
  11. Spiritual/humans are in their most enlightened state of being when serving the evolutionary impulse—without ego.
  12. Celestial Psychology® is the defining theoretical framework for the new Fifth Wave of Psychology—Conscious Evolutive Psychology and The Nouveau Religion of Celestial Empowerment.



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