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Found this video floating around on my sorely neglected You tube page. Raising consciousness is the way to freedom and liberation for our species and our planet.

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Consciousness Raising is a Global Evolutionary Happening!

Excerpts from Celestial Psychology: A Workbook for Co-creating Miracles, Luminosity, and Conscious Evolution.

In this political climate we can really see the concepts of consciousness raising and the evolution of our species in action. Right before our eyes we are witnessing a phenomenal surge is humanity’s consciousness. Senator Bernie Sanders is not only spearheading a political revolution he is making exponential contributions to humanity’s uptick into higher beings. Here are some excerpts from Chapter Six: Quality-of-Life: Co-creating the New Humanity that back my statement. Be sure and let me know what you think.

Principle 9 of Celestial Psychology (CP) says: The evolutionary impulse is driving Homo sapiens to evolve into new species, one of which is Homo-luminous beings.

Barbara Marx Hubbard declared this idea on pg. 35 in her book, The Evolutionary Journey: A Personal Guide To A Positive Future.

“Evolution is a consciousness-raising experience.”

I created this image and outlined my points as being viewed through a metaphoric  kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope_star_evolution“To see what is happening today, we make another turn of the kaleidoscope, looking again at the past. This time, the chambers reflect images of primitive man. We see a multitude of different species struggling to survive—competing, fighting and killing each other. One species survives: Homo sapiens (wise man). At first glance it appeared this being survived because he was the fittest, yet a closer look reveals survival had more to do with how he earned his name.

Generally, wisdom or awareness can not be seen; it can only be known by what becomes evident from it. In this case, the arrival of wisdom is witnessed by the actions of this particular species of the genus Homo, which led to their survival. Homo sapiens survived by forming tribes based on cooperation and regeneration. They manifested their knowing of themselves by protecting and providing for each other and by creating safe places in which to grow and thrive, evidence that primitive man grew wiser by banding together in groups to share their knowledge. Sharing their wisdom is what helped them to further develop enough cooperation, empathy, and compassion to bring us to today.” (itals added) pgs. 147-149

I truly believe that the platform that Senator Sanders is putting forth is direct evidence of our evolutionary process. And that today we are making great strides by sharing our wisdom (thanks to the internet and social media) and deepening our need to protect, provide for, and serve our fellow man.

On pages 153-154 I write:

“Developing our evolutionary eyes to include the vision to see our own evolutionary process unfolding and to understand we are conscious participants in its progress is revolutionary. According to Phipps,

 “”Our emerging understanding of evolution is so transformative that eventually every important area of human life will fall under its revelatory spell. It will change the way we think about life, culture, consciousness, even thinking itself—for the better. In fact, it already is.””[1]

 “Turning the kaleidoscope again, we discover the transformative evolutionary worldview Phipps describes. We begin to view the whole of life, with our new evolutionary eyes and we find meaning and purpose everywhere we look. We discover that our mission and our purpose is to further the evolvement of the world that we chose to be born into. Whether our kaleidoscope is set on the micro of our individual lives or on the macro of our collective lives, everything we observe becomes a function of the process of improvement. With the evolutionary worldview, we can participate fully in the world, and, yet, not be of it. We can take up our causes without taking them personally, thereby rendering ourselves more effective change-makers. We begin to see beyond the negative appearance of our reality and focus on the silver lining in every cloud. We adopt a melioristic view, understanding that negativity rises to the surface for its purification and improvement. We recognize that all disasters, whether man-made or natural; all political, social and economic struggles; and all physical and emotional aches and pains make sense for us personally as well as for the collective. We know without doubt or fear that this is part of the natural order—the forward movement of evolution.” (itals added)

Let’s continue to move forward by sharing our wisdom and evolving ourselves in order to ensure the survival of our species and our planet.

[1] Phipps, Carter. Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea. New York: Harper Perennial, 2012, 11.


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Top 12 Business Award

Last week’s Hartford Courant’s CT Now featured Celeste and Psychotherapy Healing Services, LLC as a Top 12 Business.

cm_top_12click on the image above to see the entire section




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Group Psychotherapy Gets Rave Reviews!

CPtitle_logo_space1In case you’ve been on the fence, wondering why psychotherapy? and especially, in case you’re wondering why group psychotherapy? With so many opportunities for self-help, self-empowerment, life-coaching, etc. one might be tempted to ask: Why do we need psychology at all? One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Lesser author of The Seeker’s Guide: Making Your Life A Spiritual Adventure. New York: Villard Publishing, 1999, has this to say:

“Psychotherapy and psychological theory give the spiritual seeker additional tools to mine the psyche for self-judgment, self-loathing, and self-blindness. They teach us how to have mercy on ourselves, how to heal, and how to open up.”

Recently, I started facilitating groups again, and I absolutely love it… and so do the participants. They are reporting that they could have never believed they would so look forward to this type of weekly gathering. They are just beginning to notice that group therapy achieves the following goals much quicker than individual psychotherapy.

Group therapy is a process in which a number of people (usually no more than fifteen) gather with a trained psychotherapist to not only achieve the goals mentioned below, but also to reduce their suffering and thereby improve their quality-of-life (QOL). The following list includes some of the positive benefits of group therapy with Celestial Psychology®.

  • Emotional and spiritual growth through the processes of catharsis, modeling, and reduction of the negative Egoic-Mind Paradigm (EMP)
  • Instill hope, a sense of belonging, approval, and acceptance
  • Discover commonality and universality
  • Problem solve for self and others
  • Create bonds and boundaries
  • Build trust, natural empathy, and altruism
  • Increase coping, communication, and stress & anger management skills
  • Explore and accept the spiritual and multi-dimensional realities of self and others


Group therapy is recommended when:

  • Problems are best treated in a social context
  • Peer group pressure may enhance the effectiveness of problem solving
  • Continued ongoing support and structure is essential to deal with chronic problems
  • Creating bonds or learning about the impact one has on others is important for symptom resolution and growth
  • Imparting useful solutions may be better heard from peers.

You are invited to participate in this ongoing open-ended psychodynamic group therapy, based on the Integrative/Eclectic approach outlined in Celestial Psychology®. This body of work is founded on the conviction that human beings are capable of changing for the better and are evolving into higher spiritual beings, via the most profound vehicle for change—Consciousness-Raising.

 * “Psychotherapy is the highest form of treatment, because all healing comes from the mind.” ACIM

All materials for Celestial Psychology® are Copyrighted© 2015 and not to be duplicated without express permission from the author.

CPMandalafinal - Copy

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Welcome to February… month of love and presidents by Steve Karas

Intentioning: the soft approach …5 steps for relaxation and focus

as offered by Steve Karas and Sign of the Flying Turtle llc

I was a strange child, hard-working and independent but spacey. I spent much of my time praying meditating and playing music. Later I found I enjoyed writing, especially poetry, but I had trouble keeping focused in school.

When I was a young man going through some big life changes, taking a break from creative counseling studies at Uconn, I found myself in New Haven, depressed and seeking meaning and identity among the people in the streets.

A yoga teacher and Shaklee Coordinator, Frank Zarafis, told me about a woman who offered an adaptation of Silva Mind Control in her home, and even after I had moved to Hartford I hitch-hiked to New Haven to attend her sessions.

Much later when I was working at the Institute of Living, Dr Charles Stroebel offered biofeedback training, and Quieting Reflex or QR, his method for maintaining an alert mind in a relaxed body.

Since then by refining and using these types of mind-body techniques over the past 40 years as I became a therapist and hypnotherapist, I was able to navigate many challenges and learn to focus on goals much more effectively.

Intentioning: the soft approach is a useful tool for overcoming artists block, stress-free creative performance and study/exams, and for reinforcing any goals of your choice, including healthy life-style.

Free sample sessions are available at Open House at The Center For Holistic Empowerment on the

third Saturday of the month from 12 to 3.

Most people find it an enjoyable experience, and I hope you do as well!


Be sure to join Steve for the Valentines Poetry Evening!

Love is a universal emotion that embraces all of humanity and beyond
Poetry captures the beautiful spaces within our mundane thoughts

SIGN OF THE FLYING TURTLE LLC 3 barnard lane bloomfield ct rear entrance top floor 860 830-3132 6:30 – 8:30 pm

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TCHE Member, John Mancini Presents Workshop

Fathering the Boy Within: Access the Mature Masculine

Lead by:  Jody Grose  & John E. Mancini

February 7th,   9am-4pm  

3 Barnard Lane, 3rd Flr. Bloomfield, CT 06002

            This workshop for men will focus on guiding men to  bring awareness to where they live, react and  create  from a place  of the “wounded Child”.  When the wounded  child is driving the bus of relationship and making decisions, men are ineffective and our personal power is  diminished.  As we gain insight into how the inner boy needs tending to rather than allowing our actions to be  lead by him, we begin to  claim our true masculine energy.

You will:

  • Recognize  your  father hunger
  • Identify the wounded boy within
  • Gain skills in  self  fathering
  • Claim your masculine energy
  • Learn to  set and hold healthy boundaries
  • Live with authenticity
  • Live with honor and integrity

       Space is limited

Cost: $ 75

Lunch Provided

Call now to enroll:

John E. Mancini          Jody Grose

860-977-8009               203-426-2156

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,700 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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More about the Reconnection

Did you know that Scientist, Dr. William Tiller stated, “We did an experiment with one of Eric’s healing workshops in Sedona last February and the data that we gathered was quite remarkable. First of all, we found that when we started monitoring the room, which was about five hours before anyone – any of Eric’s crew, or Eric himself, or the attendees – ever came into the room, we measured a higher gauge symmetry state than in normal reality. It was already a conditioned space! So something had happened before people even gathered. That space was set up, and that made it easy then for healers to work.

As we continued to monitor that space, we found two days later the increase in this effective energy content was huge. Let me put it in terms that might be understandable. If we look at a normal reality and we say ‘What is the effective temperature increase for that normal space, how much must it go up to give the same excess energy content as was in Eric’s workshop two days after he started?’ The effective temperature increase for a normal space would have been 300 degrees Centigrade! That is huge!” Read more at:

Since 2008, Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW has facilitated over 200 Reconnective Healing® sessions and 20 Reconnections® at her healing center- The Center for Holistic Empowerment, located in Bloomfield, CT. Folks always report a profound and deep relaxation, unlike anything they have ever experienced. Their healing experiences range from: the need for allopathic and psychiatric medications being reduced over time, torn ligaments repairing, depressions being lifted, intense communications with spirit guides, and attachments being relinquished. Mostly, however, over time, folks report an increase in vitality and ability to heal themselves, as well as, discovering their life’s purpose.

Celeste is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 30 years’ experience working in a variety of personal and professional recovery settings. She has been a student of metaphysics for over 40 years. Celeste practices no other forms of energy medicine, because she is convinced that The Reconnection® frequencies are unsurpassed and are unlike any healing modality on this planet. Her personal healings, growth, and accomplishments since 2008 are testimony to the power of The Reconnection®.

Celeste looks forward to bringing these life-enhancing Reconnection® experiences to you.

Call 860-586-8700! Today and schedule your appointments! Weekends and late evening appointments available.

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Lights, Camera, Action – Figures

Check out this old video clip from 2010, when I was all excited about completing the registration process for Celestial Psychology.

Note the action figures of Freud and Jung! Enjoy!




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Egoic-Mind Paradigm (EMP)

The Egoic-Mind Paradigm (EMP) is a newly emerging understanding of the ego that is articulated throughout the Guidebook for Celestial Psychology. Awareness of the EMP is growing as a result of the merging of Western psychology with Eastern philosophical and religious teachings, especially Buddhism. In this paradigm “the Freudian composite model of id, ego and superego is being merged into one all-inclusive construct, within all consciousness—individual and collective—that is not Atman, or Divine Mind. It is the individual and collective part of mankind which identifies solely with itself, as if there is absolutely nothing else.” Mattingly, p. 196.

Freud’s model prepared us to understand the teachings of contemporary spiritual leader Eckhart Tolle and A Course in Miracles. There is a newly emerging acronym for EGO which sums it up as Edging God or Goodness Out. Ego is also understood as the lower case “s” in self. The acronym typifies the ego or the egoic-mind paradigm as having the primary function of being “destructive, fear-based, and hateful, rather than creative, cooperative, empathic and compassionate. Almost as if it is a semi-autonomous entity, the ego is determined to prove that we are separate from God, our higher/intuitive Essential Self, or Atman (Hinduism). Ego is the false self, the Maya (Hinduism) and it is considered the source of mankind’s suffering- an illusion of who and what we really are.” Mattingly, p. 196

In Chapter 4 of the Guidebook, Loving Fear and Fearing Love: The Ego’s Story, the author questions whether the ego deserves the bad rap that it gets. “If we examine contemporary teachings regarding the “cunning, baffling and powerful”[i] ego, we may wonder if the ego is as bad as these teachings indicate. Should the ego be annihilated?”

There are many ways to answer this question, however, the author points out that in the contemporary teachings there is an inherent shift occurring as essence begins to override the ego, within the individual and the collective. “The classical Freudian definition separates the id from the ego, giving permission for the id to remain unconscious. The contemporary definition is all-inclusive and removes the id from the shadows of the self. Thus, the semantic shift contributes to the actual shift or titration of ego to essence for the individual and for the collective. There are many shades of gray to consider during this titration process.” Mattingly, p. 104

Titrating Ego diagram_large

 Illustration for the Titrating Ego, p. 107

Whenever we choose love instead of fear, we contribute to the relinquishment of the egoic-mind paradigm. Rather than fight or annihilate the ego, we can change our “intention by asking, “How can I serve?” This is not what the ego wants us to do. Getting rid of our narcissistic and childish me-and-mine games is difficult because we cannot hear over the din of ego’s voice and incessant chatter. And yet, we are learning to serve, and our species is waking up, largely due to this semantic shift and the titration of the ego coinciding with our understanding that Freud’s entire id-ego-superego composite is today’s picture of the egoic-mind paradigm.” Mattingly, p. 106

[i] Description heard often in Twelve-Step programs to describe the disease of addiction—uncontrolled ego.

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