Harmonic Convergence Reunion Week

Time as Art CalendarToday, August 11, 2012 I just learned is the official 25th year of the original Harmonic Convergence held in 1987 on August 16 &17th. This global event was promoted by Jose Arguelles.

In keeping with the tradition of gathering at least a few, but ideally 12 or more- it is my hope that wherever you are over this next week, especially, and whatever you are doing- you will take a daily reflective moment and read these words taken from the website of

Dwayne Edward Rourke – www.lightningpath.net

Dwayne’s work has been revealed to him by his direct experience of the symbolism of the Tzolkin, the Mayan calendar. 

“…Reading the hieroglyphic code aligned with that Temple gives us clues regarding the significance of this important date revealed to us from deep within Mayan cosmology.

The invocations and keywords can also be applied to a present-time “reading of the cosmic wind“. … Within the Book of Electrum, [this] lunar year corresponds to the Temple of Empowered Human and the following invocation of Sovereignty. Enjoy!” Dwayne

Click here for pdf to print

daily invocation 2012 by Dwayne Rourke

May 20, 2012 to June 7, 2013 Empowered Human



I walk the path of death and revelation.

Duality does not bind me.

Harmony is the rhythm of my soul.

Through self-remembrance and divine guidance,

I experience breakthrough, after breakthrough,

Into spontaneity and humor.

I provide an opening for the cosmic abundance of Heaven,

To manifest here on Earth.

Divine will aligns my heart

To compassionate service of the planetary whole.

I am in divine communication

With the Mother Earth.

May my service to her endure, in clarity, and in truth.


It is my fondest wish that we all ‘get it!’ that we all become empowered to tranform ourselves and our world during this profound time of global shift.

Smiles & Blessings,

Celeste Emelia

About Celeste Emelia Mattingly

Hello, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice since 1999. I have served hundreds of adults with general mental health, addiction, and spirituality concerns. I am the creator of Celestial Psychology, which incorporates energy medicine specifically, Reiki, Reconnective and Quantum Healing Techniques, and Tachyon Energy Healing into conventional talk therapy. The two books I completed for Celestial Psychology are available on Amazon http://ow.ly/sSggQ. My main site is also a WP site, https://celestialempowerment.com Looking forward to getting to know you.
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