The Spirit Within

“I am learning to follow the spirit within me, wherever it wants to take me. Every time I check in, feeling the energy inside me and letting it direct me, I find this is a wonderful way to live.” -Shakti Gawain. [1]

NASA scientists titled this photo, the "Eye of God"

Finding the spirit within is not often as easy as we would like and can be frustrating, especially when we’re new to the process. Checking in, as Shakti puts it and allowing ourselves to be directed can be terrifying to the ego and is the last thing our egoic self-centered minds want us to do. Practicing the mantras, “Take my will and my life and show me how to live” and  “Be you the guide and I the follower,” are especially daunting when we are not sure who or what we are trying to communicate with.  No matter what our beliefs the ‘spirit within’ is probably defined differently for you than it is for me, and that’s OK. God, Buddha, Allah, Higher Power or The Force are merely different names for the universal directing energy inside all of us that wants us to know it enough to “… experience joy, power, love, peace and excitement” and be able to say “… this is a wonderful way to live.”

[1] Reflections in the Light: Daily Thoughts and Meditations, by Shakti Gawain. pg. July 6. New World Library, San Rafael, CA, 1988.

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“Happiness is not a state to arrive at but a manner of traveling.” -Margaret lee Runbeck [1]

What do you think the blue-bird is trying to say here?

Hmm, let’s see- “the joy is in the journey,” and “happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey”- there are many other sayings, I am sure you can add a few. Yet, no matter how many times we have heard this it will mean something different at each moment for each experience, for each journey we are on.

Maybe there is just one big journey, from birth to death, or birth to after-life, or death to after-life and back to birth again, traveling through time- can’t we just be happy with that? Do we really need any other vehicles? Do we really need new cars, cruises, plane trips or rocket ships? Perhaps, for fun, but not if we are going to be miserable without them.

[1] A New Day, Margaret lee Runbeck. pg 227. Bantam Books, New York, NY, 1988.

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Loosen Up

“When we loosen our grasp on our concerns, there is room for the spiritual essence of all life to move through us in such a way that healing occurs.” -Carol Sheffield [1]

Raise the shades! Throw open the window! Bathe in the sunlight and breathe in the fresh air! When it’s nighttime or a cloudy day, visualize this and affirm “I am letting light and fresh air into my consciousness to heal me and free me.” Keep your attention on the end result. Loosening our grasp on our concerns is another way of saying, Let go, my egg-o! Seriously though, it’s all about loosening the grip our egoic minds have on our consciousness.  A Course in Miracles teaches we make the error more real with our continued focus.  Become aware of the problem(s), take steps to correct it/them and then “loosen our grasp” as Carol puts it in the above quote.

[1] A Woman’s Spirit, Carol Sheffield, p. March 26. HarperCollins Publishers, NY, 1994.


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“If it is worth doing, it is worth doing wrong until you get it right.” – Dean C.[1]

This quote is listed for the May 31st daily reading under the heading of Patience . At first glance it may not seem to be well chosen, however, how can we have perseverance without patience? Impatience tells us, “Don’t bother! You didn’t get it right the first time, so forget it!” Then, when perfectionism rears its ugly head, “It isn’t perfect this time, so it’ll never be perfect!” Thoughts like this when allowed to rule us can send us off in a spiral of negativism. This is just where the ego or egoic mind wants us. The egoic mind is the opposite of our divine minds or higher selves. It’s main function is to prove to us that we can’t do it (whatever it is). That it’s not worth doing, let alone persevering until we get it right.

What are some examples of a time when you persisted in spite of the negative chatter?

[1] Laugh! I Thought I’d Die (If I Didn’t), by Anne Wilson Schaef, p. May 31. Ballantine Books, NY, 1990.


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“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves.” -Carl Jung[1]

“Point the finger, and we have three pointing back at us!” This little phrase is responsible for countless ah-ha moments. Whether we’ve heard the phrase or not, when someone says it to us, it’s almost as if we can see the mirror at the end of our pointed finger. Actually, if we picture a mirror when our minds or our mouths are running about this one or that one, it can stop us short. Hopefully, we recognize what’s really bothering us about ourselves, in time before our judgments or criticisms hurt someone. Always ask “what’s really, really bothering me?” Certainly it’s not that he/she ate the last pretzel.

[1] Believing In Myself, by Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty, p. March 7. Simon & Schuster, NY 1991.

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“Allow me to assure you that suspicion and jealousy never did help any man in any situation.” -Abraham Lincoln[1]

Doesn’t this sound like Abe was speaking from experience? “Allow me to assure you,” he says with confidence.  But, is it really true? There are situations when a little bit of suspicion can save us from a whole lot of trouble. And a certain amount of jealousy has been considered the glue of relationships. Thinking of our personality characteristics on a range of slight to severe, or healthy to defective is helpful. When our characteristics rule us, or overtake us we need to accept them as defects. A rule of thumb for determining how healthy we are is to honestly and regularly assess ourselves. Asking ourselves questions like, “did my suspicions hurt anyone today?” or “Is my jealousy preventing me from having successful and loving relationships?” Because our egoic minds are all about denying our reality- this is a lot harder than it sounds.  Having a confidant, sponsor or therapist as a sounding board, helps us keep our characteristics and our reality in check.

[1] – Believing In Myself, by Earnie Larsen & Carol Hegarty, p. May 7. Simon & Schuster, NY 1991.


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Notes from the Universe

“… what you’ll miss most about Earth, after ice cream, is the beguiling romance of uncertainty.” Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe, Tut email, 2011.

This quote knocked me between the eyes! It really speaks to the attachments of the ego. I thought that overcoming addictions and materialism and negativity- all that usual stuff would make it easier to transition. But, now I don’t know, anymore. If uncertainty is beguiling- yikes! I’ve got a whole lot more work to do! How about you?

Mike Dooley the author of Notes from the Universe sends personalized daily emails to his subscribers. This is the whole quote:

The main thing those who’ve “passed” would like to tell those who’ve not “passed,” Celeste , is that once you get over the shock of having safely arrived – completely intact, cool as ever, and bathed in love – what you’ll miss most about Earth, after ice cream, is the beguiling romance of uncertainty.

Oh yes you will.

You really do have it made,
The Universe

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“Let Consciousness ride the experience.” Gene Ang, PhD. Pillar of Light Workshop – February 26, 2011.

Dr. Ang knocked our socks off again! Or should I say knocked our blocks off! (as in negative energy blocks LOL!) What a great day Sunday was.  60% experiential- the workshop provided us the opportunity to do some serious work. We received an activation of our energetic acupuncture points and learned a fabulous meditation for threading our human creative activity to the divine! We also learned that when we are meditating- whatever we experience, be it physical sensations like tingling or pressure (especially on the top of the head/crown area), or seeing colors, or hearing sounds- it’s important to stay with it. Ride the experience. Keep our attention on it without judgment . Practice observation. After the meditation if the sensations persist there are a number of grounding techniques to try, however, the simplest are eating, exercising or distracting ourselves with reading or TV. The idea is to “get refreshed not hyped-up” from these powerful meditations.

This is right up the Celestial Psychology alley! Raising our consciousness and focusing on the Monad- or the ONE is what CP is all about. Let me know what you think. Visit: for more about Dr. Ang. He will be holding workshops in CT throughout the year.

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“Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” Kipfer.[1]

How easy it is to use malcontent as a motivator, yet how well does it work? Being disgruntled and unhappy with our circumstances seems like it should get us out of the ghetto, but does it? When was the last time we heard of anyone’s rise to fame and fortune being born of these negative emotions? On the contrary it’s gratitude that gets us what we want. Oprah Winfrey swears she created herself, built her life and her empire on gratitude.

Next time when what you want seems far away, stop and repeat this phrase, three times in a row, at least three times per day. “I am happy and grateful for all that I am and all that I have. I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to work joyously toward my goals.”

[1] 8,789 Words of Wisdom by Barbara Ann Kipfer, pg. 187. Workman Publishing, New York. 2001.

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Slow Down

“If you’re in a tight spot today, try to breathe and remember what’s important.” Kundtz.[1]

Breathe and ask ourselves “what’s the hurry?” or “is this worth getting upset over?” When we really stop and focus we can access the part of our minds that create and problem solve. When we’re  “in a tight spot” we obviously want to get out of it, so we need to be as free from upset as possible, in order to figure out how to extricate ourselves. Once we have assessed the situation we usually realize that there isn’t much more we can do to alleviate or expedite it. It’s at this point that we really need to hone in on what’s important. Getting upset or allowing ourselves to become frustrated and angry robs us of the opportunity to make the most of the moment. Making the most of every moment is how we live fully and how we mindfully stay focused on what really matters to us.

David Kundtz asks us to ask ourselves, “What are your moments of frustration and impatience? Join me in making an extra effort – next time! -to be awake enough at those moments to turn them into moments of life.”

[1] Everyday Serenity: Meditations for people who do too much, by David Kundtz. pg. 127, MJF Books, New York, NY, 2000.

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